Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Guitar Hero 3

Well, my Mothers Day gift arrived late, but it was so worth it. I got GH3, and it is sooo much fun, even the boys had a go at it.

On top of that I also got these games, and they are all super fun. A lot of them are for 2 (or more) players and I like that a lot.
We got all these games from an ebay seller, they have an ebay store I think. They're called Thumb Monkey and they have amaizing prices (for all these games we payed under $40 including shipping). Usually they get you on shipping, but we happened to find an online coupon for just that purpose, so we did okay.


  1. That is great Kym! Iam starting to like GH3, but do not yet have one. I just play whenevert we go out to Scott's place and play with him.

  2. What a cool mom you are! It looks like your boys are LOVING your new gift--so fun!

  3. Is that Mo?? it looks like Ezra for some reason??!!??