Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Primary Activity Day

The boys had their first Primary Activity Day ever a couple of weeks ago (and I'm just posting about it now... I know... I know). I stuck around for it because they needed my help, and I snapped some cute pictures. The activity was about Nephi, and some of things Nephi did.

The kids all got to pretend they were Nephi, and shoot a bow and arrow.

They built a boat, and then sailed it to the promised land.

They wrote on the golden (tin foil) plates.

(And then they played Nephi, Nephi, Laban; in the fasion of duck, duck goose.)

They dwelt in a tent, and found the Liahona, then they followed the Liahona and found blessings from the Lord (in the shape of chocolate). Just before the activity ended the final group went to sail their boats across the sea, and the Landscapers had come and emptied out the pool, so the last group of kids had to pretend to sail their ships, it was funny and sad, all at the same time. Look at Rhonda (the leader), she is sooooo mad. In the end of the activity we had bread, honey, and milk for a snack, and then we played games until all the kids got picked up. It was so much fun for the boys!

This is Ruth and Tim's daughter Ellie. Liam has a little crush on her.

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  1. What a cool & creative activity!