Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hippity Hop

Grandma has these 3 adorable lawn ornaments in her garden. There are 2 bunnies, and a larger rabbit. Mosiah is absolutely IN LOVE with the babies, and if he ever manages to get out the front door, he runs instantly to these little white cuties, and brings them inside. Most of the time he just grabs one, but the other day he was out with Grandma packing both of them around. They are fairly heavy, and of course breakable, so we aren't so keen on his new friends, but it doesn't matter, he loves them so much that he is willing to put up with sad/angry parents, just to hug and kiss them. On the day he had both of them in his arms, he took them over to the bench and put them up, then he climbed up and just picked one up, kissed it, and then put him back down so that he could pick up the other one and give it a kiss. Over and over. Is that not the cutest thing?


  1. Mickey pets those same bunnies every time we come to your house.