Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mosiah's Farm Day

There is a local home school group here, and the last activity we attended was "Krystal's Ranch Day", which was a field trip out to a farm that is run by, well, Krystal.... and her family. The boys had so much fun on this trip, and Mommy got so sunburned! Of course these activities are more for the older boys, but Mo had a blast too, so Here is Mosiah's Story:

We started off without a stroller for Mo, which turned out to be a headache, because not only did Mo LOVE the dogs, but the dogs loved Mo, and they were much bigger than him and easily knocked him over. After he was in the stroller he enjoyed his day much more.

While the kids were grooming the pony I took Mo over for a little close up with the goats. I don't think he expected to get as close as he did, and he was a little shocked when one started chewing on the brim of his hat, but after I took his hat off it was a little less scary for him.

Mo didn't get to ride the Pony, he's still a little to little for that, but he loved watching his brothers and their friends go around and around.

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