Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Biggest Post Ever...

I've had a crazy couple of weeks and I haven't been able to sit down and blog my life. I have some spare time today, so you're going to get a whole whack of posts all in one. Happy Reading!
This picture was taken in our backyard one day. I was on my way home from delivering some friendship bread and the sun was up a lot further, when I got home I ran inside, grabbed my hubby and my camera and made it just in time for this shot. Gorgeous!


The boys and I were on the way home from the park one day and we heard a helicopter. There's a helicopter pad over by one of the medical centers here, so we drove up and actually got to see this thing take off. The boys thought it was the coolest thing in the whole world! We got video footage of it but blogger hates me and my video's never work. Oh well, we've all seen helicopters fly right? I'm sure you can imagine it.


Don't you just love spring. I do. The flowers are blooming, the baby animals are all born (although I will admit I haven't exactly seen any yet), the birds chirp and sing all day (and all night here). The boys are having so much fun exploring for bugs (eww), and Grandma is having a blast with her beautiful garden and her gorgeous flowers. These are a couple shots of our house and flowers.


One of my really good friends, Cambria, is a super great baker, and cook, and home-maker. She recently taught me how to make crepes, and she puts freezer jam on hers, so she taught me how to make that too! It was my first experience with this kind of thing since being out of my
parents house so I was pretty nervous, but it was soooo much fun, and super easy. Thanks Cambria!!!



I decided to take the boys to a high school band and choir concert here in town, thinking that Liam would love it. The first song we heard was "Had a Bad Day" which Liam knows from the Chipmunk Movie. Liam got a total kick out of it and all three boys were angels through the whole song. Then they started singing "Danny Boy" right when they started Ezra and Mo started to show their other side. We barely made it through that song, and when it ended we booked it for the door. We spent some time outside getting our "sillies" out, and then I just decided we should go home. It was a nice try though....


I bought this cutest Halloween costume for a girl baby for a friend of mines baby shower, but I got it at a garage sale, and I figured maybe people like to pick their own costumes, so I decided to keep it. I let Mo-Mo try it on and he just knew he was the cutest thing, so he danced around, twirling all his legs and laughing the whole time.

Then the boys wanted to wear costumes too, so we just had a dress up day. Liam is a pirate, and Ezra is Handy Manny, he loves the gloves. They look like little work gloves until you turn them over and they have a little crown on the back that says "princess". That's two of my boys dressed up a little girly. As for the octopus outfit, I guess we just have to hope for a girl who will be about 9 months old in October... *cough*


My friend Cambria had her baby shower on the same day that my friend Jasmine was throwing one for a lady I know named Holly, so I decided to go to both and get all hopped up on cake. Cambria is having a girl, so hers was all girly and pink. The cake here is a diaper cake, not an edible one. Holly is having a boy, so hers was blue. Both were lots of fun, but as suspected I ate way to much cake!


Bill and I got to go on date thanks to Grandma for offering to watch our boys. We went to the
temple for a session, and then we had Carl's Jr. for dinner. YUUUUUMMMMY! After Carl's we went to IRON MAN!! It was soooooooo awesome, if you haven't seen it, go see it. We posed with Wally again, but he's still just as cute, don't you think?


Jacob Skinner, my brother in law, was in Vegas for a week and he got to stay at the Paris. He was kind enough to let us come and swim in the pool there. My parents met us before they headed back home to Canada from their Aruba trip and we had a blast. Jake is a blogger too, you can check out his cool page here.

Bill and I went to donate blood on Saturday. They wouldn't let me donate because their was a "slight chance" I was pregnant. Bill however, donated his like a champ. The boys think he's greater than Superman. (I think he's sexier.)


Jake and Vanessa through a huge BBQ party in their back yard on Saturday night. It was a blast. Other than our two families and Grandma, the Abbiss' came, the Gent's came, and Will Gent's sisters family came (sorry, I don't remember their last name). We had a blast roasting hot dogs, BBQing corn, and just hanging out.

For more details on the boys sunburns you can check out Vanessa's awesomest post ever, and no, it's not just cause my boys are in it, it's just an awesome post. Anyways, this is their week after shot. The burns don't hurt anymore (although they couldn't even breathe without crying for 3 days) but they look horrible, like some sort of flesh eating disease or something.

My Grandma and Grandpa were in Vegas yesturday, so the boys and I drove in to see them. They bought us an amaizing Chinese Buffet dinner at the El Cortez, which is by Freemont Street, and then we went down with Grammy to check out the lights. Papa wasn't feeling so hot, so he stayed up in the room while we dragged Grandma around. Liam especially, was fond of Grammy. He wouldn't let go of her hand, and he loved to sit with her and chat about life. I wish we were closer so we could see them more often. I loved every second with them, and wished we had more.
Liam took this picture of my Grammy and Me.


  1. wow kym that post must have taken you hours.. your hair is absoloutly adorable!! the cut suits your face so well. i love it! anyway... i am confused.. are you pregnant? if so congratulations!!!!! you are an awesome mom. you should have 12!!

  2. wow--you've been super busy! LOVE those costumes for dress-up, so fun! Ouch your boys' sunburns look painful. LOVE your hair--so cute!