Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Liam's Farm Day

There is a local home school group here, and the last activity we attended was "Krystal's Ranch Day", which was a field trip out to a farm that is run by, well, Krystal.... and her family. The boys had so much fun on this trip, and Mommy got so sunburned! Here is Liam's Story:

We were greeted by all the homeschoolers, and a lot of cute dogs when we drove up. Apparently we were the last ones there, so we got started right away. The first thing we did was get introduced to all of the horses, and Krystal gave us all a workbook with pictures of the animals on her farm, and their body parts, and other cool information. Liam was way to excited to sit still, he just kept running from cage to cage and peeking inside. He thought the Rooster was awesome, and he even got to hold a Chicken that was practically bigger than him. He loved the goats and was quite eager to be among all of the animals.

He was fascinated by the donkeys, and even climbed into the pen, even though I told him not too, and I don't know if he was aloud (sorry Krystal).

Then the kids got to brush the pony they were going to ride, and put the saddle on. Liam loved his turn on the pony so much, and actually got to ride twice.

On Liam's second ride around some of the girls chased him around and "gave him five" whenever they could reach him, he loved that.

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  1. I love that you home school your kids! you are so creative. Oh and by the way Ellie loves Liam. In case you didn't know;)