Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ezra's Farm Day

There is a local home school group here, and the last activity we attended was "Krystal's Ranch Day", which was a field trip out to a farm that is run by, well, Krystal.... and her family. The boys had so much fun on this trip, and Mommy got so sunburned! Here is Ezra's Story:

The second we pulled up Ezra was trying to fly out the door just to pet the dogs. He loved them so much, and I'm sure if he could he would take them all home. He followed Liam around a lot, but didn't go into any pens (other than the goat pen, which everyone went in), he did climb up onto the gates for better looks though.

He was very shy around the goats, but eventually got over it, and climbed up onto their house, he sat down on it and got a big black spot on his bum, which he sported for the rest of the day. When Liam pointed it out to him he wasn't very happy.

Right as we were getting started someone pointed out a gigantic spider. Anyone who knows Ezra, also knows that he LOVES spiders for some reason. That may have been his favorite point of the day! At one point in the day Ezra dropped his water bottle down inside a little table, and I had to reach inside blindly and pull it out for him, I just kept imagining that spider! (shiver)

Ezra loved helping to get the pony ready to ride. He loved brushing it's hair, and laughed when the breeze caught some loose hairs and carried them away. Ezra loved riding the horse, and he is still talking about it, weeks later.
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