Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A strange disease

I'm sorry I haven't blogged for so long. I've come down with this strange disease that the professionals are calling "morning sickness". I've read a lot about this disease, and I've experienced it a lot the last month or so, and I've discovered that "morning sickness" is NOT an accurate term. This term implies that the poor pregnant soul who is unfortunate to contract this disease, will only feel this sensation in the morning. Well, I don't know if any of you mothers out there have ever experienced this, but my "morning sickness" lasts through the morning, into the afternoon, during the evening, all throughout the night and back into the wee morning hours. I am also drained of all energy, and do nothing but sit on the couch and try not to think of food. My favorite foods are on my "No Eaty List", including all pastas, pizzas, and cheeses. The only thing I can eat is toast, crackers, and peaches. What kind of balanced diet is that??? I can't even tolerate chocolate! WHAT is this world coming to?
Anyways, I haven't ever experienced anything like this (this is my 4th pregnancy), so I'm not coping well. I try to be up-beat, but whenever somebody asks me how I'm doing, I just give them this long story about what I puked up today.... so I'm sorry to all my friends and family for the horrific details, and thanks for putting up with me.
When I get my lazy butt off the couch next time, I will take some pictures and blog something blog-worthy.
'Til Then....


  1. You poor thing! I was the same way when I was pregnant with Sophie. Have you thought of trying diclectin? Works for some, doesn't for others. Might be worth the try. Hang in there!Most likely the worst of it is almost over!

  2. isnt this your 4th pregnancy???
    anyways, MAN i sure hope you feel better!!!! that is so sucky! hey, maybe its different this time cause its a girl????

  3. Each child will get a little tougher to carry as you have so much more to do in the home. When you carried Liam you could rest whenever you wanted. Now no rest.
    Sorry but remember - no one ever dies from baby sickness!
    Love you, wish I could help more. Call me when you can. Mom

  4. hope you start feeling better! thats gotta be tough since you still have three very active boys who i'm sure are quite demanding!!! Get well soon! just remember, in a matter of months, it;ll totally all be worth it right?!

  5. Oh I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling well! that's gotta be tough with all the mom stuff you've got to do. Hang in there--I hope you start feeling better soon.

  6. I don't think I knew you were pregnant? Anyway congrats and sorry i have been so negligent!!! feel better!!!!

    Love Laura