Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Liam!!!

We kind of go all out on birthday's here and the kids get a little more birthday then normal. Liam's birthday started out a month ago when he got his two kitties Sora, and Kairi, and it just kind of escalated from there.
A couple weeks before his birthday Nana and Papa came out (which you can see in previous blogs) for a visit, and to be with him before his birthday. They got rooms at the Golden Nugget which has the Shark Tank swimming pool, and because he loved it so much they bought him a room for his birthday so he could swim to his hearts content. They also sent Cheyanne up to share it with him. It was so fun having her here!
The Sunday before his birthday Auntie Della came up with her oldest daughters Brittany and Chelsea and we had a little party for Liam and Jake over at the Skinners house. We ate the delicious cake that Nana and Liam made during the Nana and Papa visit. I was really impressed with Liam because I let him have free range of his cake after he blew out the candles and after licking two he shared the rest with the kids around him.
On Monday we had to take Cheyanne back to the airport, when she was safely there (her plane was delayed for hours because of several electrical storms in both NV and Montana where she was flying) we met up with Della, Chelsea, and Brittany at the Olive Garden for a nice little pre-birthday meal. Two waitresses sang to him and gave him his own bowl of ice cream. After that we got to swim in Della's pool at the hotel, and then we went to Fremont street, just for fun.
This morning was the start of Liam's "real" birthday, after all, he was born five years ago today.... wow. Five years old. For something fun to do we got out a roll of butcher paper and traced Liam and Ezra so they could color their "life size Me's" and had a blast. After words we made party hats for the cutouts and the boys got to tape them on their posters.

To Liam's dismay Mo-Mo was trying to help color his boy, so we drew him a little stick boy and let him color it. He thought that was fantastic.
After we cut out the life size boys and held them up Mo was terrified. He kept pointing at Ezra's and going "roar, roar!" After we stuck them on the door Mo was running down to his room to see what was going on and he saw Liam's poster at the end of the hall and he went into hysterics, screaming, crying and pointing. It took me a minute to figure out why he was so scared. Poor kid!
Tonight we will have "chicken on a stick" (Liam's favorite) for dinner and ice cream. He will be allowed to open his gifts from Nana and Papa. Next Saturday is his party.... his "Super Hero" party. He is inviting over some friends and he will get the remainder of his gifts (and yet another cake) then.


  1. I love the idea of tracing your boys. We do it with hands and feet all the time, but I am pretty sure my boys would go nuts to be able to do a whole "them" Lol!

  2. Looks like a great birthday celebration!!

  3. Well you do go all out! how fun, i'm sure they all appreciate having atime that is so centered around them! and the othe rboys would love it too, because it means like that much more fun things to do!! you're such a fun mom!

  4. sounds like you guys had so much fun! happy b-day Liam!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog!