Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Precious Treasures of Kym Marie

For Kym's birthday Tasha suggested making a book of letters from her family. Aunt Sandra's letter came with a pretty border which inspired us to add a border to every letter. Most of these borders were donated by Vanessa. Bill thought it would be great if we added a picture to each letter. Bill and I mastered photoshop so that we could make some of the individual letters have things that "pop out". Feel free to click on any of the letters to get a closer view.

Happy Birthday again Kym. We loved having you here and spending time with you. Enjoy your book (both online and off).


  1. very cute book and very thoughtful!!! i'm sure she appreciated it!!!

  2. I am so touched by all that was displayed. The time and love that went into every page is beautiful. To have so many family and friends get together to put this all together must have take some time. I cried when I looked at the pictures and cried harder when I read some of them, I have to read the rest from home as I am at work and I don't like leaving puddles on the computer keyboard. Please wish Kym a happy belated birthday and hugs from us.
    Awesome, incredible, wonderful, delightful and amazing. Good work.
    Love ya and talk soon.

  3. Wow what a party. The book is so amazing and accurate. Im so sad I wasnt there but thank you for the blog post to help me feel not so left out. love you all. Kristy

  4. What a cool & thoughtful idea! I bet she absolutely loved it--way to go!

  5. So fun! Don't you just love photoshop?! happy Birthday Kym!! You rock!!!