Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Pre-K stuff

Well, Liam just turned five, so I decided to go back and check out the list of things a graduated pre-k student should know, and update it while I was there. I marked all the "completed" tasks in purple, and the other things we need to work on in a darker text. I was actually amazed at how much Liam has learned since February! Today when I went in most of the stuff was not yet completed, and now there is less than 10 things we need to work on. I guess it's time to move on to kindergarten stuff for this five year old (by the way, he loves being five.)

Liam has made quite a few "girl" friends in the past little while, and I honestly believe that because of these girls Liam is growing mentally. Girls do a lot of "pretend" play, you know, house, mommy and baby, shopping, and now Liam is teaching Ezra all of those games. Watching these kids grow is so much fun!

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