Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A week with Cheyanne - A catchup post

Our week with "Annie" (I just put that because she HATES to be called that, and big sisters are aloud to be mean) was so much fun, and it actually started off with a quick visit with one of my first best friends from grade school, Nikiea hope. My boys totally loved her, and would not leave her alone for one second. Poor girl. She says she came to see me, but I'm pretty sure we had like 4 sentences between us, and the rest was my children struggling to get out of my arms and into hers. Liam has a huge crush. After we finally set her free we went and picked up Cheyanne at the airport. When we got home she had a mega load of maternity clothes from my lovely sister Crystal, which by the way are soooo nice, and they all look brand new (some of them even still have the tags on them). For some reason when I went to open the suitcase up after we got home (just for a peek) Cheyanne whipped out her camera, and when I opened it up I found out why.............

TABER CORN!!!!!!!!!!!! For all of you non Albertans.... Taber is a town that grows corn, and it really is the best corn on the good green(ish) earth.
Here is my dad packing it up. lol, way to funny guys (and yummy). They also send me smokies, harkins cheesies, Macintosh Toffee, and Canadian Corn Pops ( the best cereal ever).
We of course did some Walmart shopping (as it's the only store here for clothing and toys), and Cheyanne snapped some cute pictures. Did I mention that Cheyanne is camera happy. When I was a kid I pretty much hid from the camera.... this girl however has more pictures of herself than Brittany Spears. Seriously! (Although hers are much more tasteful than Brittany's I'm sure). Ezra as the Batman.
Waiting for our Car to get an oil change.
Cheyanne with boys in the car.
As I mention before we were given a night at the Golden Nugget on Freemont street by Nana and Papa, so we could swim at the fish tank. While we were there we caught a movie, for the boys (yes even the big one.... Bill) Star Wars, Clone Wars, and then we had some Mickey D's, in hope to get one of the new Clone Wars toys... but sadly we had the ones they were giving out. Here is a great shot of my prego belly at the theatre.
If anyone know who this dude is with my sister, let me know. Seriously, who is that?
This is Mo staring at Cheyanne through the McDonald's door. I just love his face in this picture.
Cheyanne with her sweet ride in Vegas.
This is my cousin Chelsie being the assistant for a magic show in the outlet mall. This is her right after the magician turned the one ball in her hand into six. It was pretty sweet.
I decided to post the pictures of the Shark Tank in my next post.... look forward to it, they are AWESOME!


  1. thats sweet your sister came. i love when mine come to visit me! its so sad that you in Las vegas got to eat taber corn before me, i just havent boughten any yet. i think i'll pick some up tonight. and cute cute cute boys...as usual!

  2. It's always fun to have family visit. It looks like you all had a great time!

  3. Looks ike your family treated you pretty good with a great load of surprises!!