Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Field Trip

The Home school Group here went on a trip out to the Date Farm. We've been there before, but it's always fun. The table we ate our date shakes at was visited by a humming bird.
There is a trail that you can take that is soooo fun for kids, and secretly fun for adults that we took. It has some wet spots, so about half way through our journey I said "I can't believe one of my kids hasn't fallen in yet." Oops, that's something you should never say. Needless to say, five minutes later Liam fell in. LOL, serves me right!
We got there right before the dates were ready to harvest so the dates were all covered up by brightly colored clothing, it was really cool to see. It was also Horse Fly season. Okay, we've all seen horse flies, and we've all been bit right... yeah, except for these things were HUGE. Veronica said as big as a silver dollar, and I can agree with that! The first thing the owner did when we got there was tell us all about how it hurts so bad when they bite, and... oh ya.... they land on your back and can bite right through your shirt!!!! I was like, okay, now we all get to be completely paranoid for 2 hours.... and we were. Ezra didn't even take 2 bites of his shake because he was so afraid a horse fly would take an enormous bite out of him!!!

Anyways, despite the wetness of Liam's pants and foot, and the horse flies, it was super fun. I bought the boys swords for $3 each and they still won't put them down.

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