Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ketchup? Catsup? .... No.... just a catch up....

Last week the boys, including Bill, all got a slight fever, and depending on the boy, puking, and achiness. It all started with our family outing to the new 50's Diner here. Ezra was really irritable, and we couldn't figure out why until Bill picked him up and said "Oh, he's hot!" For the next 3 days (although his fever only lasted a couple of hours) Ezra was very tired and didn't move around a lot.
The other 2 boys got it too, it hardly effected Mosiah, and Liam got it the worst out of the kids. Poor Bill got it bad, and on top of it had to teach Seminary every morning at 6:00, and then go strait to work. He usually gets home around 6:30 at night, so the poor guy didn't get very much sleep or recovery time, but he made it. These are my sick boys watching a movie.
Liam and Ezra joined a little pre-school group with other ladies from our church. They are super excited about it, mostly because they get a tiny break from me twice a week, get to hang out with friends, and they get to wear these cool backpacks. Apparently the snacks are better over there too!
They learn letters and colors and about the calender. They also get to make some really cute crafts. I love these little ants... Grandma made cookies the other day and the boys all went outside to eat them on their little slide. I just thought they were cute, so I snapped a couple of shots.

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  1. Oh it stinks when your family starts getting sick huh?! I hope everyone is back to normal now. Cute pics!