Thursday, September 4, 2008

Super Hero Birthday Party

This was our first big birthday bash with friends, so I was kind of nervous, but it turned out to be so much fun. I was going to have all the kids dress up as their favorite super hero, but I spaced the invitations and had to invite by word of mouth, so that kind of got left out, and I didn't want to call them the night before and say "Make a costume!!!" Plus, most of the kids were girls, so we just went with it.
Liam with his Super Hero mask. Happy 5th Super Liam!!!! (that's what his cake said)When the kids arrived they decorated their super hero masks, and their treat bags. They all turned out really cute. Everyone we invited showed up (amazingly) except for Liam's little girlfriends Ellie, but we warned him ahead of time that her family was out of town, so he was mostly okay with it. I told him that we would invite her over some time soon so that they could have a play date, and that made him happy. The masks were a genius idea.... not trying to toot my own horn, but I decided to do these instead of birthday hats, and it was cool because they took up a lot of time, and were still way to much fun.
This is the new girl in our ward, Avy, and she is such a cutie! I have her little sister in nursery with me and they are just the sweetest girls! Her name is pronounced with an "a" as in apple, Avy, but we kept calling her Avy with an "a" like in ape, and she didn't even say anything or get upset. She's so sweet!
Ezra's mask was definitely my favorite. He just put spider man sticker on it, so it was really a super hero mask. Unfortunately, after the party he decided he just wanted all the stickers, so he took them all off, and in trying to do so his mask was demolished.
This is one of Liam's best friends McKenna. She is such a doll.
This is McKenna's brother Theron. He was so much fun. I tried to get him to hold his mask up the right way, but he just kept switching eyes with his mask in this position, so I went with it. I think it's the cutest picture.This is Liam's friend from church Lexi. She was really into the stickers. Her bag was completely covered in fuzzy kitty's and birthday stickers.
Here's Liam's cousin Andy. As I mentioned we didn't get a good shot of Mick the whole time he was here. Rudy was in Utah for the weekend, so unfortunately he didn't get to come.After we took pictures of all the kids with their masks (except for Seth who was very shy at first, and Mickey who decided to hide from the camera all day) I got out this cute counting stories about Monsters (because super heroes defeat monsters) and every time I read the word monster the kids were supposed to jump up, stomp their feet and then sit back down. That was probably the cutest and funnest activity I've ever seen. I was laughing so hard I could hardly read, and the kids were so into it. Not only did they stomp their feet but they also screamed or yelled as they stomped, so it was really loud and really funny. After our story I rolled out the butcher paper (seriously Moms, you need to go and get a roll of this for your house, there are SO many things to do with it and a little creativity) and the kids all drew monsters in washable markers. When they finished their master piece we hung their art on the back fence and had they "melt" the monsters with a spray bottle. It was cool watching the monsters wash away in a puddle of color, and the kids were so into it! Next time I do this activity I think I will put some sparkles in the water so all that's left is sparkles after the monsters disappear. (by the way, the boys and I tried spraying chalk monsters a couple days later and it didn't work out so good, but still fun to experiment. Instead of washing away the colors just got brighter on the paper.) After jumping on the trampoline we came in and opened up presents (lots of cool stuff from the friends), and then we had Liam's Super Hero cake, which was actually Power Rangers, but still fun. We did a lot of video taping and I totally forgot to take a still shot of the cake (bummer), so here's the next best thing. . .
All in all, it was a lot of fun, and I can't wait for the next one. Seth's Mom Aime stuck around for the party and it was very nice having her here as an extra hand. Thanks Aime! (I'm sorry if I spelled your name wrong.... there are so many spellings for Amy now....Aimee, Aimie... I'm sure there are more.... anyways...)


  1. Hey Kym,
    Lexi had a great time at the party. I'm glad that I got to see what the kids did. Whenever I ask my kids what they did at parties, I get such a vague answer or just a small portion of what they did. It looks like everyone had a great time!

  2. well you know what you've gone and done now dont you!? you are going to have to try and outdo that party every year for each of your kids. and that, i think, just wont be possible. you had so many fun games planned, such cute ideas!! you are super mom!

  3. Ok what a fun party!!!! I want to be like you! Ok but seriously where do you buy butcher paper from? i wanna join the club!