Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Information for you

A couple of people have asked about the Shark Tank. It is in the Golden Nugget on Freemont Street in Las Vegas. It is cheaper to buy a room there and swim for two days then it is to pay for a day of swimming (It costs $20 per adult and $15 per child). It is the coolest pool in Vegas (in my opinion) and it's fun for everyone. Ezra was terrified of the sharks at first, but there are also regular fish and pretty reef sharks in the tank. There is also this window on the ceiling behind the shark tank where a school of fish hang out (probably to stay away from the sharks). Sometimes when you are craning your neck to watch the window you will even see a stingray or two float by. Click here for a virtual tour. Or click here to watch the cheesey, but cool movie.

Now, if you're interested in buying butcher paper... I have a confession. Mine was given to me for free. When I first got it I was like "what will I even do with this?" and then inspiration hit and if I had purchased it it would have been my best investment ever! You can get it a meat supply stores online, as well as educational stores. I have the 18 inch stuff. I don't think you'd want to go any smaller than that if you want to do anything like tracing your kids whole bodies and coloring them. But if you don't plan on doing that smaller is fine. You can just make posters and stuff. Still fun, less expensive. Here is a link for a page full of choices. It has the best prices I've found so far. Alright, I just found this link, and it has better prices, but with two you have choices. You can get the 24 inch stuff at the second link for the price of an 18 at the other place. If you go bigger maybe you can even trace yourself or your hubby to the delight of your kids.


  1. Thanks for the butcher paper info, and the shark tank info. I guess I know which hotel Rob and I will stay at when we go on our vegas trip in a couple years for a second honeymoon!

  2. Thanks for the great information. I was wondering about the shark tank. I think we will have to do that one of these days.

  3. I am THRILLED to get this information--thank you!! I actually went searching for a roll of butcher paper about 2 years ago & could never find one (for some reason I thought office max would have it--but nope!). We had a huge roll growing up and the activities were endless. Thanks so much for posting this!!