Friday, August 8, 2008

Kym Wood's 40th Birthday Bash

Bill's sister Kym had her 40th on the 26th of July, and I have a tonne of video footage, but not so much pictures. We went to the Stratosphere on the first day, and stayed there over night. It was a tonne of fun.

The second day we went up the stratosphere, swam at both the Strat and Imperial Palce and had a sweet buffet, and we even got all the waiters to sing happy birthday. Before getting to Freemont street for some motor cycle cage tricks, we stopped for some grub, and our boys were sooooo sleepy, that they missed the whole meal. After waiting for Tasha and Bill's dad John to get in from Ontario for a very long time we decided we should just pack up, take all the kids (including Kym's) and go home. We missed them by about 3 minutes, again, Murphy's Law.

The next day we had Vanessa's big baby shower, which for some reason I don't have any pictures of. Saturday was the big day. Huge dinners, millions of presents, an awesome cake that Vanessa made, a gorgeous book that Bill made for Kym (which you will see in a later post), a song by Kym's siblings, written just for her, and a lot of laughing and some (happy) tears.

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