Monday, October 6, 2008

Fall Festival

Okay, so every fall there is a huge festival here with rides, and booths, and a midway, and lots of greasy foods. We have never gone before, but Bill's foam company had a booth this year so we got to hang out quite a bit. We didn't do the rides (they cost $31 per person.... yes even for 2 year olds) but we did check out the 4H animal display, and we met this guy...
I didn't catch his name, as he wasn't very talkative, but I did find out later that he weighed in at 773 pounds. That's a lot of bacon!!!

I just thought I'd show off Bill's foam insulation booth, I thought it was the coolest one at the festival. Everyone wanted to touch it and poke it. The guy in the pictures is Micah (with a "C" not a "K") one of the "foam sprayers" and "Cabinet installers", and the dog is his, Simba.


  1. oh what a fun day out!!! and what a rip off for the rides!!!!!

  2. That looks like a cool booth! I bet hte kids really enjoyed seeing the animals and such.

  3. $31! What a rip off. The animals are always the best part anyway - wise choice ;)

    Kym I'm so glad you found me! My little boy and I have LOVED reading through your blog and looking at all the fun pictures. I enjoyed your homeschool blogs too. Good idea - what a fabulous mom you are!