Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thanks for the Help!!!!

We are so grateful for the response we got to our baby name post. We had so many comments (if you want to have a good laugh you should go check them out, some are really funny... Spencer....). We are taking most of the names suggested into consideration, and we have created a poll to see who likes what. Mikah seemed to have the biggest support group, but that was before we added all the other names.

Now, to single some of you crazy commenter's out...

No, Radelle, we cannot name our baby Rockwell.... that's your baby's name!!!!! (winks)

It was pointed out that Mikah is actually spelled with a "c", and I did know that, but I really like it with a K... I don't know, I just like the letter "K" o"k"ay?

Vanessa noted that if we call him Obidiah she can call him Obi Wan Kanobi (by the way, the plan is to call him Obi), which for you non Star Wars fans, is a Jedi, and he also goes by the name Ben, which as Vanessa pointed out, goes well with Franklin.

Spencer said to add a "hah" on the end, much like in the Book of Mormon (Moronihah... and others). He also added some of the names in our poll.

Krystal, among other suggestions, added Kimball, noting that he would be named after me, and seeing as we may never had a girl, we definitely need to get my name in there somewhere.

A couple of names were suggested that we vetoed because, as I'm sure you've noticed, our boys don't have very common names, and I don't think it would be quite fair to have a Liam, an Ezra, a Mosiah, and a Jim, or Dave or Bobby. Joseph was also suggested, and it has been considered, but the boys already have a cousin named Joseph, so we ruled it out.

Soooooo, thanks again everyone, now go vote. If you had another name you wanted to suggest put it in the comments and it could get added to the poll!


  1. I voted, and i think we all know which one i voted for!!!

  2. K, so now that you added new names I totally liked 3! I voted for Elijah - Eli, but I totally love Noah and Kimball too!

    Ps. I am having a contest on my blog! You should go check it out!
    Pss. Your pay it forward prize is in the mail (finally - sorry that it took so long)

  3. I gave Julie a point for you coming from her blog. She already got the big three point one from someone else, but I gave her one more from you too. And I gave you one extra for being a good friend and being honest :)

  4. Okay, now I like Elija (Eli) too. So my faves are Mikah, Elija or Kimball. You've got some narrowing down to do huh--so many cool names!

  5. We're having a difficult time naming our little boy too - this is a great idea.

    I voted for Kimball - but then I'm partial since it's my brother's name :) Incidentally, they named their little girl Kimberly (they call her Kim) after her daddy. So even though it's the other way around for you, I'm just letting you know there is a little precedent ;)