Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mattea

Tomorrow is my littlest sister Mattea's birthday. This picture is from FOREVER ago (hint hint.... time to update your blog family).

Mattea, I hope your day is incredible tomorrow, and that your parents buy you a horse. Okay, it probably won't quite work that way, but we can dream right? At least you can have a great day and eat some yummy cake and something else.

Love you so much!!!!

P.S. notice the cool background, made especially for you. xoxoxox

A little about Mattea: Mattea is such a cutie, her hair was super long when I met her and very blonde, the last time she came to visit she had it short, and so stylin'! Mattea loves horses. When she comes to visit she always swims in the pool, even when she has to chip the ice off the top of it to get in, her nephew Liam is the same way. The boys love it when Aunty Mattea comes to visit, and they do everything they can to drive her insane, but she still loves them 'cause they're hers.


  1. Happy Birthday to your sis Mattea! I LOVE her name!!!! OH, I should have another baby so I can name her Mattea!! HAHAHAHAHA Yeah right!!! :-) *grin*

  2. That is so sweet, I printed all of it, including the picture, wow, has she grown, time to work on my blog, I didn't tell anyone cause I still don't know how to work it, lol. Mattea loved it, and a little hint, she didn't get a horse. She says thank you, thank you, thank you. Dallasvaroney, Mattea says thank you and just to let you know that her name means, "Gift from God". Also, her name is the female form of Matthew.
    Love you Kym, Bill, Liam, Ezra and Mosiah and little baby (M). >^..^<


    Oh and I was going to comment on your comment... if you are almost at 200, do it at like 250 or something. I figure that is when I am going to do mine! You should see Juie's prize pack, it fills a full grocery bag!