Thursday, June 30, 2011

Childrens Museum

Tasha and Kelly took us to a fun little children's museum. Here's the dinosaur exhibit.

You have to love the Albertosaurus!!!

The star and space exhibit. Identifying constellations.... very cool.

South Pole Exhibit? North Pole? I don't remember. Some place very cold exhibit. Lots of fun.
The "places we go" exhibit. This is a little McDonald's set up. Obi and Andy loved it. I ordered a burger from them at the drive though window. Andy charged me $78. When I told him that was a lot of money for a burger he leaned close to me and said "you know it's just pretend right?" I love it.

We had way to much fun for way to long on this thing.

Doing a cinnamon roll after almost killing Jasmine in Red Rover. Seriously, that is a dangerous kids game!
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