Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Story Book Gardens

Well! I just thought we were going to a splash park, I didn't realize that Story Book Gardens was actually a small amusement park with seals and otters and rides and shows! I didn't even get a picture of the splash park!
Ezra in the whale. I love this picture!
Watching the show.
The whole trip, every time I looked over Liam was up something. He says he's part monkey. Yikes.
Liam, Rudy and a friend on the Ferris wheel.
Auntie Kelly with Hyrum.
Faith and Ezra.
Mickey and Mo on the swings. They loved them!
Jake, Vanessa, and Sonny.
The Ferris wheel.
There was a huge sand pit with hoses to make the sand wet. That was Obi's favorite.
Merry Go Round!
King Jacob
The map
Frog Hoppers
We love the seal!
Humpty Dumpty!
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  1. WE MISS YOU GUYS ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!