Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Still battling rain

I love it when Mo asks to hold Hyrum. I love it when Hyrum loves on Mo.
Liam got a ridiculously large mosquito bite and his arm swelled up like a balloon... an arm shaped balloon. I can't even make my thumb and finger touch on his arm.
Silly inside pictures with me and the boys.
We set up Hryms crib. He loves it... can you tell?
Our friends have some flooding problems in their basement and needed help digging a trench around their home. Of course I volunteered Bill, (Bill would have volunteered himself I'm sure but I didn't give him the time!) luckily the job wasn't to messy!
I took pictures from the front yard of the temple in the rain. Of course it's more beautiful in real life, but that's okay.
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