Saturday, June 25, 2011

So where have we been?

We took an amazing road trip to London, Ontario to visit Bills family. What a loooong, amazing trip we have. Here are pictures of us on the way to their house. We left on June 21, we got there June 23... midnightish.
Here we have pictures representing the states we visited. Montana, a picture of the campsite sign in North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, the Michigan/Ontario border, and then later in our trip we hit the Ontario/New York border, where we saw Niagara falls, but you're not really supposed to know about that yet!

My Mom packed us amazing lunches for our first day driving. What a blessing, we didn't have to stop at all. Our first night camping we were mostly full from the huge foody day, so we had cereal for dinner. The campsite was amazing, and it only cost us $6! It was insanely dewy, to the point where if you walked through the grass you were soaked from the knee down.
Bill blew up the air mattresses because the batteries in our pump were dead. Way to go hubby! You rock!

Flowers the boys picked for me. Technically I left them in the park, they may not have survived though. Shhhh, don't tell.
One of the worlds tallest art structures, according to the signs leading up to it in North Dakota.
These are huge water bags on the side of the road to keep the water from the overfilled lakes from swamping the road way. We stayed in Wisconsin and a hotel the second night.
Toll booths... lots of toll booths.
Chicago subway.
By the last day driving I was out of food I could eat on my diet... (by the way, I'm on the Candida diet, which is a no yeast diet. Yeast has overtaken my body and Hyrum has thrush really bad... still. So there are a limited number of things I can eat.) I had a bunch of celery and I was super duper grouchy so Bill suggested I eat it, even if it was not washed, and uncut. I did. I felt so much better after, and to Bill's amusement I pretended to enjoy every delicious bite.
We got there just after midnight, visited with the Skinners and went to bed. Big day tomorrow!
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  1. WOW! What a busy and fun filled trip you had!!!!