Saturday, March 12, 2016

Warriors of Peace: Part 3

Warriors of Peace
Talk given on Feb. 28, 2016
by Bill Peavoy

Part 3: The Paradox of Jesus Continued

Within hours Jesus was dead.  Offered as a sacrifice like a Lamb.  And what about the Mighty Kingdom?  What about the utter destruction of all the wicked?  Where was the prophesied wrath and vengeance?

Today, most Christians on the earth teach that Jesus is exclusively a God of love and peace and forgiveness.  Many who anticipate his second coming will be looking for the gentle Jesus. Someone who will come to them with a warm embrace and full acceptance and tolerance and they will likely expect him to be very politically correct and understanding.  They may be surprised, because when he comes this next time he will come not as the Lamb, but as the Lion.  The wicked will run away from him in terror and the whole earth will be burned in his righteous wrath as foretold.

Brothers and Sisters, like our Hymn book, Jesus is a powerful paradox.  He is both the Humble Servant and the Warrior King.  He is both the Lamb and the Lion.  At the judgment bar of God, He will be our advocate and defense attorney, but he will also be our prosecutor, our judge and our punisher.

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