Sunday, March 13, 2016

Warriors of Peace: Part 4

Warriors of Peace
Talk given on Feb. 28, 2016
by Bill Peavoy

Part 4: We should be a paradox too

Admittedly, this paradox is difficult to fully understand, but it is critical that we do, because we are commanded to be like Him.  The scriptures are full of references that we are to be peaceful, “blessed are the peacemakers,” “blessed are the meek,” we are supposed to be full of patience, humility, gentleness and charity.  We are supposed to be soft spoken, loving, kind and forgiving.

But there are also references that we are to be warriors.  We are to fight against wickedness as defenders of the gospel.  The scriptures don’t refer to wielding the rose pedals of truth, but rather we are to put on the whole Armor of God, fearlessly brandishing truth as a sword.  We are to boldly open our mouths and cry repentance with courage and a loud voice.  There is enough evidence in the scriptures for us to conclude that, like the Savior we strive to emulate, we also are to be both a Lion and a Lamb.    

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