Monday, February 11, 2008

Bryan Adams Concert

My Dad came down from Canada to go to a Bryan Adams concert with me (Thanks Mom and Dad for the ticket!) on Saturday night at the Hard Rock Hotel and Cafe. I've been to plenty of Bryan Adams concerts, and I've had a blast at all of them, this one was no exception. At my second Bryan Adams concert Bryan announced that he needed a girl from the audience to sing "When You're Gone" with him. I was on the front row and I yelled and screamed for him to "Pick ME!" He looked right at me and said "Do you know the words?" I totally did, but I hesitated, and then he picked the girl behind me and when she didn't know the lyrics he gave them to her on a sheet of paper! I was so bummed out, but only for a moment, and then I had a blast anyways.
The next concert I went to was after I was married, and had Liam. Liam, Bill, my parents and I all went to an outdoor concert in AZ, and Bryan again asked the crowd for a girl to sing with him. My Dad was not going to let me miss out again, so he (and some incredibly strong drunk lady) threw me up on stage. I went nuts and hugged Bryan and probably babbled about how much I loved his music, or maybe him and before I knew it there were securtiy guards escorting me off stage. When the crowd started to boo Bryan said "What... do you want to give her a chance???" The crowd went nuts so they let me go back on stage and I got to sing with Bryan Adams!!!!!
This did not happen at the concert I went to on Saturday night, but it was still a tonne of fun!
In the picture of the two hands, it is my hand and my Dad's concert stamps. We thought it was strange that they said Bowie at a Bryan Adams concert!

The two pictures of Bryan and I were taken by a local AZ magazine photographer.

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  1. ok your bryan adams stories are just too cool! Escorted off the stage? singing with him?!! wow!! you are so cut! :)

  2. CRAZY!! as if you sang with bryan adams. that is sooo cool.

  3. I've been a fan of Bryan for 29 years - still waiting for my chance to be the WYG girl!