Friday, February 15, 2008

Hot Water At Last!!!!

Our long month of February started with a broken water line, which my hubby did his best to fix. After the horror of having no water for a whole day we found we had to replace our water heater as well, as it was old, and leaking. We ordered a new one here, and unfortunatly the woman we ordered it from fell ill, and was hospitalized for a week, leaving us with a big delema. Finally it arrived and we started the installation prossess. Long story very short: we didn't have hot water for 4 days! Well, before this new hot water heater was installed our showers could be about 5 minutes long before we ran out of hot water. This morning I climbed into the shower and I didn't have to turn the hot water up once! I shampooed twice. I conditioned twice. I washed my body twice. And when I got out there was still hot water coming out of the tap!!!!!!!

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  1. Crazy! That would have been a long 4 days.

  2. You are soo lucky Bryan and I barely get any hot water for a shower. I have a story regarding no hot water...A couple of years ago my roommates and I moved into a new apartment, the power and everthing was on so we figured that everything transferred over to our new place. Well a month later all of a sudden I went to take a shower and there was absolutely No Hot Water at all. Apparently the Gas didn't transfer over so it got turned off. We had to go 7 days without any hot water because we had to set it up again in one of our names. It was not a pleasant experience. I once tried to boil water to have a warm bath...which didn't work. Congratulations on having hot water again!