Friday, February 15, 2008

Yo Gabba Gabba

So there's this new tv show here in the States called Yo Gabba Gabba, it's totally sweeping the nation and the kids seem to love it whenever it's on. I think it's mostly a dancing show, but there's other things too. For example: There's a party in my tummy. It's this song that they sing, and it's incredibly catchy and a great way to convince our kids to eat their food. The episodes kind of suck you in, and at the end of them you realized you just waisted a half hour of your day sucked into parties in your tummy, and the "I'm so I'm so Sorry" song. But be careful, if you try it, you might like it! They also get famous people to come in and dance and do "cool tricks", it's hillarious and slightly embarrasing. Check out Elijah Wood.
Anyways, this crazy show was founded by one of our friends kids. When Yo Gabba Gabba first came out she told us that she made the hats for the movie, so we watched thinking we'd see hats, but the only one who wears a hat is DJ Lance Rock, so I was confused. Anyways, a couple months later Bill and I went over to this friends house to pick up our food storage and we saw her bumper sticker that said "Yo Gabba Gramma" and thought that was cute. When we went in we mentioned that our boys watch it and she said "Which character is your favorite" and we said "Brobee". She dissapeared for a couple minutes and her husband told us about the time he was at a football game and he heard one of the coaches singing a yo gabba gabba song to his team. When she came back she had this cute hat, and it all made sence. Thanks Sister Whiton, for the cool Brobee hat!
This picture was taken the same day as the hat pictures. I just thought he was so cute.
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  1. Too fun! That sounds like some shows here on Tree house. Kids shows in general can be addciting if you sit there with the kids.