Thursday, February 7, 2008

It's Tax Time!

Bill spent some time today struggling over our complicated tax year. When Ezra asked Daddy "What are you doing?", Bill told him "I'm trying to figure out where to calculate a Section 1256." This is the first year Bill has ever had to deal with a Section 1256, and he seemed deep in thought when he said it out loud to my two year old. Ezra told Daddy "Don't worry, I'll call and ask someone." Then he promptly put his banana to his ear and babbled some jibberish about penguins and hippopotomuses.
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  1. ah, taxes...everyones favorite things!!! hahaha!!! thats cute how helpful he wanted to be!! haha! and how did you manage to have your camera out right then...i feel like it is always around your neck, and always on!! hahah!

  2. CUTE!!!!! I love kids! Isn't is so fun being a mom?!