Saturday, February 16, 2008

Guitar Hero

At a party last year the hosts teenage son entertained the younger kids with Guitar Hero 2. Jake, Vanessa, Bill, and I all got a chance to try it out though, and I fell instantly in love. I really wanted it, and put it on my Christmas list, and then a couple of days before Christmas it arrived from my birth Mom, Arlene. Thankyou so much, we love it. We entertain our guests with it, and we also take it with us to parties.

The funny thing is, I play it more than anyone else but we don't have any pictures of me playing it (I guess that's what I get for being a "picture taking hog".) Here my Dad is giving it a go on his "Bryan Adams Visit". If he had more time I think he could be a pro!

My hubby is great at it, but I don't think he loves it quite as much as me... maybe that's just cause I can kick his butt. LOL, just kidding honey, wink wink.
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  1. oh my goodness i really want to play that game so bad!!! do the boys know how to play it? its really popular here every one loves it