Sunday, February 17, 2008

Late Date

Bill and I did our "Valentines Day Date" tonight and we had a blast, even though we didn't even leave the house until 5:30 (When you have to drive over an hour to get to where you're going that's late.) We just got home, it's now 1:30 am. We had a buffet for dinner at the Sun Coast, which was a very decent buffet, for an incredibly decent price! (Gotta love that). Then we drove over to Red Rock, which was only about 3 minutes away, and we went to the movie theater. After the movie I got a picture with Walley, which is totally going to be the cutest movie ever, because I LOVE Pixar movies, honestly... who doesn't.
Thanks for an AWESOME night honey. (Marion watched the boys so we got to go out all alone... oooooooh!)
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  1. sounds like a great night!

    oh and as per your previous post - we LOVE guitar hero!!! You'll have to come and visit so we can battle each other (you're doomed!) hehe

    oh and - can you e-mail the instructions to that accordian book thing? I soo want to make some!