Friday, February 22, 2008

Pillow Heads and Boo-Boos

Bill and I had a bunch of errands to run yesterday, and we took the boys with us. Ezra fell asleep first, then Mo-Mo, and then Liam. The boys and I were sitting at the Car Insurance place while Bill ran in to pay the bill (tee-hee...Bill/bill) and Ezra was SNORING, louder than I've ever heard a kid snore, and it was really cute, but then it started to sound like he was going to die, so a lightly shook him until he stopped snoring. I then leaned back my chair and shut my eyes and then "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ" he was snoring again. I decided to ignore it, but then I heard this huge gasping intake of air and Ezra sat straight up (I know, I know, he was already sitting straight up, but work with me here), smacked his lips twice, and said "I'm not sleepy Mommy." Ooooooookay....

Today Vanessa brought her gorgeous friend Natalie over to visit and she told me she thought I was beautiful! As you can see, she is the beautiful one, and she is so much more magnificent in person!

Today I was working on some mailers in the office When Mo-Mo came in with my cell phone, chucked on the floor and started screaming at me to pick him up (he doesn't talk yet, so really he was just crying). I sighed, upset to leave my work, but picked Mo up (he immediately stopped his crying) and walked into the living room just in time to see Ezra carrying the blade to my paper cutter, I screamed at him that it was dangerous, grabbed it and put it back in the "baby/child proof" protective case. I put Mo in his chair and started to prepare dinner, then I turned and looked at Mo and there was blood all over his highchair!!! I screamed and picked him up and tried to clean him up enough to see where the blood could possibly be coming from, then it hit me, the paper cutter blade! I cleaned off his fingers, and sure enough on his thumb and pointer finger he had cuts. I wondered why it just started bleeding then, until I looked at my sweater (of course it's the only one I have that's non-washable) and the right sleeve and the hood were covered in blood! My cell phone also was a little redder then normal. I couldn't tell how bad his fingers were because there was too much blood. I started to freak, and then I said out loud "Liam, I need help" Liam ran up to me and said "What can I do Mommy?" I thought for half a second and said "We need to pray!" Liam immediately dropped to his knees with his arms folded and his head bowed (what a cute and good boy!)and I quickly said a prayer that basically said "Help me be calm, help me to know what to do." Meanwhile, Mo doesn't even care, he just thinks the colorful stuff all over the place is pretty. I set him on the counter beside the kitchen knives (don't worry, nothing happened... but slightly ironic) and just applied pressure while I thought of what I could do. Then we went and found some bandaids and covered up his thumb, which was the worst of the two cuts, and then his other finger. The first thumb bandaid soaked through, so thinking back to my "Junior Forest Warden" days in Hinton, AB I just covered it with another bandaid (you're not supposed to remove the first cover when you're trying to stop bleeding), and then when that soaked through I put another bandaid on. It stopped bleeding, and it's not bad, mostly like a deep paper cut, but not deep enough to need stitches. I guess Mo just wanted to be like Liam and Ezra for a minute! He's now sleeping soundly, phewph! I hate it when my kids get hurt!

After Mo went to bed Liam and Ezra were running around like crazy, and Ezra thought it would be funny if pillows could be hats, so he decided to demonstrate his point. I think he was right!

My husband has always been slightly envious of his good friend Kevin's amazing web designing skills, so he decided to take an online course on website skills. One of his first homework assignments was to make this. It obviously needs to be spruced up a bit, but this was only is first assignment. His homework over the next few weeks will be to fix it up and make it beautiful.

I also started two new blogs, one for Liam's home schooling, and one for Ezra's. I'm super excited about them, because they will help us to stay on schedule, have fun, and take pictures!

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  1. How on earth do you know Kevin Wolff? Can't say we are totally buddy buddy, but I do see him every couple weeks and he is good friends with my Brother in Law Josh Taylor!!