Monday, February 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Ezra!!!

I can't believe our little Ezra is 3 years old today! How time flies.
Ezra was so excited to have a birthday party this year. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and he excitedly told me "A spider cake!" After a lot of thought I finally came up with this cake, and thought it turned out alright. Ezra told me it was scary after I put the eyes on (no mouth at that point), so I asked him "Do you think he needs a smile?" Ezra said yes, so I put a smile on, and then he was happy. (Both Ezra and the Spider!)

Ezra got sooooo many presents, including a toy tool set with a working drill (from Nana, Papa, and Cheyanne), a T.M.X Elmo (eXtra specail edition, from Grandma Marion), Thomas Trains, a Pirates of the Carribean Treasure Chest (from Vanessa), stickers, a fire truck flashlight and much more.
Mosiah was VERY happy with the meal (Tortalini) and made the BIGGEST mess he has ever constructed. I love his smile in this picture.

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  1. That is the perfect picture of MO.
    Jasmine keeps looking at it and saying "He's so cute Mom, I love him". That is so sweet. I talked to Mom on the phone just before you had breakfast and so she made me feel like I was there. You have such a fun blog!