Saturday, February 2, 2008

Like Radelle, I find myself innocently Guilty

Okay, my cousin Radelle did this really cute post on blog stalking, and you can check it out right here. I think I posted a comment with stalker mis-spelled as stocker, but don't mock me to bad, although, for some reason when it's spelled like that it makes me think of dirty sweat socks, and panty hose... um.... tmi. (to much information)
But, anyways... I just wanted to tell you all that I am a total blog stalker. I have a favorite blog that I stalk daily, it's this adorable girl who has to live in Utah, and she is so honest, and freaking hillarious, that I crack up every time I read it but on the odd chance that I'm not cracking up, I'm bawling, because she is also very spiritual, and she is due to have her baby any day. She also posts random recipes, like for example, the lettuce wraps from PF Changs, um... yummy! Anyways, I talk to my husband about her sometimes, and he's like "Who is this?" and I'm all.... "Oh, Jessie, you know... Jessie?" So Bill says "*cough*" and I roll my eyes at him and say "Yooooooouu knooooooooow, the girl with the cute blooooooooooooog?" Then he rolls his eyes and says "Ooooooh, of cooooooarse, how could I not know J-J-Jayme, or was it J-J-Jackie...!" Then I return the on going eye rolls, have a good laugh at myself and tell Vanessa about it instead. (I love you Vanessa!) I am so bad with stalking this girl, that I actually posted her link in my "friends" list so that I don't have to click through my friends links to find her anymore! Okay, now I'm sounding creepy!
Anyways, I'd love to know if I have any stalkers, but if I don't, I'm not going to cry or anything... well maybe a little. So, if you're my blog stalker, let me know! And maybe I can check out your blog too!?!
I would also like to un-creepify myself, by telling you that I am not the only one stalking this girl. On average she gets 69 hits on her blog a day. I get like 16! In a month she gets over 400, I think I only have like 600 total, so obviously I'm not on the same level as Jessie, but I still love blogging, and I'll keep right on keepin' on for all you faithful readers... even if it is just my Mom and her cute friends at work who stalk me (I love you Mom!)


  1. K... so this is the first time I have seen your blog. But I saw your comment on Radelle's blog, so I figured I would have to go stalk your blog. I think I am going to have to do this on my blog! Oh, and what is your maiden name, so I can tell Todd. I'm guessing you got my link off Cystal Holland/Walburgers blog right?

  2. i stalk...i'll admit to it! you just have me laughing everytime i read your blog!!!!! i love how honest you are about cracks me up! you have an amazing family!!

  3. Thanks Dana! You're awesome! If you ever start a blog let me know! (or if you have one...)

  4. Hey there Kym! I too have a blog stalker situation, and thanks to you and Sarah C, I have admitted it. WHo knows, maybe we can become friends now that I have introduced myself. Enjoy your day!