Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Yesterday, on Nana's birthday we were playing outside in the back yard (yes... we were in our pj's...) and there were so many beautiful butterflies, so we decided to take the cool opportunity to learn about them. We had a little lesson on what butterflies used to be (the kids still don't really get it, so if you have any suggestions on how to explain how a totally disgusting creepy crawly turns into the most beautiful insect on the planet, I am sooo open to them!) and then we made our own butterflies out of construction paper and straws.

After we finished making out butterflies we went in and decorated some ginger snaps so they matched our lesson.
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  1. Dress the messiest you can - even dirty your face. Tell the boys you are a ugly catapillar and the bathroom is your cacoon - Go in and come out gorgeous - put on their favorite outfit and do hair and face - ta da

  2. LOL, love it. So funny and so cute.