Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Master Cleanse: Day 2, Evening

Well, I made it through another day with no cheating. I got offered strawberries and cream, corn on the cob, and a Barq's root beer, but I stayed strong. I have to buy more lemons tomorrow, and I am still mooching my syrup from Mom (she has B grade, I have A grade... B or C is the recommended syrup.) Nowhere here in town carries anything under A. Tomorrow though, I will check out the little health food store here.

I just had my Smooth Move. I made a smaller cup of it this time, and it was very strong, it was hard for me to drink. It just tastes like hay, or straw, or something. I've been making it in a huge mug, but it was dirty, so I made it smaller, and I think I let it steep for to long. Honestly, I think it was harder to drink then the salt water.

Anyways, the lemonade is tasting yummy, I really like the cayenne in it. Yesturday I didn't put enough in and the boys were all over me everytime I pulled out a bottle, wanting to "taste it just a little". Today they all had one taste and never asked again. Bwah hah hah hah!

I will give you a weight update tomorrow morning. Good night!

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