Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter! Plus Master Cleanse: Day 6

Jake and Bill played some ball with the boys in the backyard after our amaizing dinner of ham, salad, rolls, rice pilaf, and other amaizing things. I had an amaizing lemon/maple syrup drink with the same thing for dessert, but still enjoyed the company.
This is one of Liam's strike-outs, but he did hit quite a few.
Mickey is super hilarious with his new "hats" that are really Andy's brand new, never been used undies.
Bill took this picture, and for some reason, I just love it.

The Easter bunny didn't come on Easter Sunday, but he left a note saying he'd be back for Easter Monday. I partook of the sacrament today, which was probably a breech of my diet, but the Savior is more important than my cleanse any day, and especially on Easter Sunday. The kids in nursery where all a little hopped up on sugar, so we had a lot of crying and rowdiness, but I still love it.

Today was hard for me, with all the yummy food and what not. I was the tinyest bit depressed, but today I'm good. Everyone was feeling sorry for me, but I knew that I would miss Easter when I started my cleanse. Honestly, there is no good time to start a diet or a cleanse, so you just have to go with it when you feel motivated to do it. I'm happy I'm cleansing, and I might even continue on past the minimum ten, but we'll see!

I've kind of plateaued at the 6 pound loss, but I'm hoping it will pick up a little.
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