Thursday, March 27, 2008

Master Cleanse: Day 10.... Final Day

Yesturday I was so exhausted after my workout. I could hardly walk, so I didn't get anything done, including my evening blog. But if I had done it, it only would have said: Sooooo tierd..... can't....lift.....fingers........Must.....have......sleeeeeepy.

So, you didn't miss anything. Today is my last day, kind of. I had two lemonades this morning, and then I went and got a colonic (thankyou Vanessa, it was way less scary then I thought it would be), if you don't know what one is don't ask, unless you really want to know...... And I had a toxic draining foot bath. What I discovered from both of these experiences was that my body is clean (on the inside I mean), so I decided to not continue on with my cleanse, and to start easing myself back into food. Soooo, I went to Walmart and bought a billion oranges, juiced them all, and had my first orange juice just a half hour ago. I am now so incredibly full! I feel like I ate a whole buffet, to the point of bursting! So, I will finish out the orange juice I have and then work my way into broths and then a salad, and then on with my South Beach Diet! I'm super excited, as I also shopped for that today. I can't wait for turkey burgers wrapped in lettuce and South Beach's delicious fake mashed potatos (actually mashed cauliflower, but very very tastey.)
On this cleanse I lost a total of 9LBS.

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  1. That's incredible that you did 10 Days of no food! Way to GO!! I laughed when you mentioned how much that orange juice filled you up. I bet it will be hard not to just eat everything in sight now! Also 9 pounds in 10 days is pretty good progress.