Monday, March 17, 2008


These were all taken the day of the funeral. We had a big reception at Grandpa's house and there was a huge turn out. The funeral was beautiful. My Mom gave the biology of Grandpa, and did a fantastic job. My cousins Natasha and Jamie-Anne got up and said a few things, which I was un-prepared for and I cried my eyes out. After them I sang "Danny Boy". (Side story: I lost my voice the night before the funeral and prayed all night and morning that I would be able to sing. I had no voice up until the funeral. While there I was fine, no pain or anything, I sang it through, although maybe not as good as the night before, and when we got back to Grandpa's house again my voice left. I still don't have it back!) Then Uncle Jack, My Nana's brother said a few words. Right before the end Steven and Uncle Al did a slide show of Grandpa's life. It was so beautiful.

All of my cousins on my Mom's side were there. (We have two Stevens, growing up we called the older one big Steven, and the younger one little Steven, although now I don't think that really applies.) Big Steven and his girlfriend were there, as well as his sister Jen (always Jenny to me) and her husband, as was their Mom, Auntie Jean and her husband Uncle Ray. Auntie Pam and Uncle Al were there with Natasha, Jamie-Anne and her boyfriend Tom, and (not so) Little Steven. My Uncle Jim was there. And of coarse my parents Joan and Bill were there with Cheyanne and I and my boys, 3 of the only four great grand kids so far (Tristan Wood, my sisters son is the other one), although Jenny has a little one on the way! My sister Crystal, and my brothers Troy and Calvin were missing, and they were missed. By the way, the cousins say hi!

Mosiah just loved Big Steven and every time I turned around they were hanging out together. Ezra had a serious crush on Jenny who used to be a first grade teacher. Liam had a crush on Jamie-Anne, who played with the boys the whole time.

It was cool to see my Aunts and Uncle again, and I really hope to get up there more!
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  1. I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa! It looks like a nice family gathering--unfortunately our best family gatherings are when there is a funeral because EVERYONE comes then!