Thursday, March 20, 2008

Master Cleanse: Day 3 Evening... donuts, and Mc Donalds?!?!?!

Walmart here does this thing where they sell their donuts really cheap at 6:00pm just so they can get rid of them and make fresh ones for the next day. Bill teaches early morning seminary so he asked me to pick up 40 or so of them tonight for his Friday class tomorrow. I said "No problem!" And it usually isn't, but today was a different story. I walked into Walmart, went to the bakery section and found 10 other people standing there, waiting for the boxes to come out. I started to panic, and called Bill. He told me he would run to a Walmart in the city and see if he could score some too. I waited and waited with all those people, and they were totally staring me, and each other down. Finally the Walmart lady brought the boxes out. I was standing right beside her but I got completely trampled by everyone who thought it was smart to stand by the donuts and ended up getting my box last. I ran to the donuts, and patiently (with my hands on my hips and my foot tapping) waited for the lady in front of me (who I totally beat to the waiting area) to be done. I waited for what seemed like forever and I heard my phone ringing in my purse, but I wasn't about to give up my spot, so I let it ring, and I rolled my eyes at Bill for calling right at this critical moment. Then, just as the lady in front of me was finishing up this other lady who already had 4 boxes loaded to the hilt shoved in and pushed me out of the way... so no more Mrs. Nice Girl. I jumped in too, and started loading my donuts sideways. Most boxes fit 12 nicely, and that's how everyone was loading them, but I know that stacked sideways you can get close to 30. I just grabbed every donut within reaching distance and loaded up a box as fast as I could. 26... Phewph. I called Bill, he said "this walmart doesn't have donuts" I hung up on him, grabbed another box, elbowed some old lady in the face (I'm just kidding) and started loading up a second box. When it was all loaded up I had about 50 donuts (Bill said he needed more than fourty.) I walked away from the donut case and looked back expecting to see it completely empty, but to my surprise there were still donuts in there, and everyone else was GONE. So, I called Bill, told him the situation and he said grab another box (you really can't go wrong with 25 fresh donuts for $1.68 can you?). I loaded it up, paid for the load, ran to the car to drop the donuts off, gave each boy a one, and then went back into Walmart to boy lemons for myself. It's a good thing I don't like donuts, or I would be super not happy.

For some reason I promised the boys McDonalds (probably because I thought it would be easier to not cook a delicious meal, but just buy it instead) on the way home. We stopped in, bought our happy meals at the window, and then decided to go inside so the boys could run off some of their energy. I opened up the happy meals and I don't think Micky D's has ever smelt so good! I got the boys nuggets (my total weakness) with ranch dressing. And the dressing smelled soooo yummy. But..... I didn't cave!!!

When I got home tonight (late, about 9:00) I went to the fridge to grab my second to last drink and there were still three bottles in the fridge!!! I thought there were two, but I guess I missed one. Oops. People keep asking me if I'm hungry, but I'm really not (obviously if I missed two drinks and didn't even feel it.)

I'm excited to weigh myself tomorrow and see the difference!

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  1. Umm.... the doughnuts would have killed me!!! I am such a sucker for sugar. I want to do this so bad, but I am so scared. Do you find it hard to cook for your family and do it at the same time. Oh... and I'm glad that you liked my "those mom's" post... sorry I didn't mean to make anyone cry though! Hopefully the weigh in goes well and that you can stick it out!