Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Master Cleanse: Day 1, Evening

A couple people are interested in the lemonade diet, so I included an email I wrote to a friend in this blog at the end. It has all the details and what not that you might be interested in looking at.

I have been in the bathroom so much today! The saline worked all day for me, or maybe my system just took over on its own. I don't know. I'm also drinking a lot more than is normal for me, so I've been peeing an awful lot too!

My tounge feels funny, which I know is part of the process. It feels a bit numb, and a little fatter than normal. I haven't looked at it in the mirror yet, but I'm assuming that it will turn white soon. (This is a detox, and a lot of toxins come out of your tounge. Gross right?)

Well, I'm off to drink my "Smooth Move" tea, and then off to beddy bye. I'll keep you all posted.

Email to Friend:
I did this cleanse years ago, and I was worried that I didn't do it right, so I looked it up on line, and sure enough... I didn't do it right. I was really happy to find these awesome sites. The first one is where I got most of the information from, the second one is a guy that also uses the first site for inspiration. I love the stories of others.

I never read the book (I guess I'm to cheap to just go out and buy it....) but if you want to check it out from the library, or cough up some money it is called: "The Master Cleanse" by Stanley Burroughs

http://www.chrismewhort.com/cleanse/page/3/ (I don't know if you clicked the link on my site for him, but he is super funny)

Before you start your cleanse, the night before you should have a cup of sienna leaf tea, (everyone who has it has the brand called Smooth Move). I have the Chocolate Smooth Move, which is supposed to have chocolate flavor, but it soooo doesn't!! You can get this at almost any store that has a health food section. This tea is not your regular Celestial Seasonings tea, and it's definatly not that tastey, but it's not disgusting either. If you're not a tea drinker it will be harder for you.

In the mornings you are supposed to mix 32 oz of warm mineral water with 2 tsp of non-iodized sea salt and drink it up. Most people go on and on about how disgusting this is, but when I tried it this morning it wasn't so bad, especially if you use the first ladies thought, that it tastes like chicken broth without the chicken. If you get more than 16oz down you're doing better then most. If you read her site, take the advice, DON"T GO OUT until you've had your "movement" or you will be in big trouble.

The funniest thing I read on all the sites is about how their tounges are swollen "but it's probably unrelated". It's totally related. This fast, is not a diet, it's a detoxifiying cleanse. It's designed to get all of the toxins out of your body, and one of the places that your toxins will come out of will definatly be your tounge. Everyone reports white tounges, or swollen tounges, and the first lady even had a tounge peircing hole that pussed the whole time, nasty!

As with all fasts, and diets, (especially for me) I suspect that the third or fourth day is going to be the hardest. Your body starts to protest and shut down, but if you make it through those days the rest is EASY! Okay, so not easy, but at least not so difficult as the first four days. When I did this originally I only lasted until the 3rd day, when my energy dropped off and I was shaking I just caved and went to Taco Bell. Not this time baby!

If you do go on it, you may be drinking a little more than normal. One guy actually gained 6 pounds (!!!) in one day, then he was up all night releaving his blatter, and in the morning he had lost 7 pounds (phewph!)

60oz is the minimum per day, I think the max is 120, but I really don't know for sure.

The below recipe makes 60 oz of "lemonade", enough for 6 - 10 oz glasses. Although your requirements may be different than mine. Please read the book to determine your needs. 60 oz is sufficient for a reduction cleanse.

60 oz water per day (or 10 oz per glass)
12 tablespoons Organic Grade B Maple Syrup (or 2 tbsp. per glass)
12 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice (or 2 tbsp. per glass)
6/10 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or 1/10 tsp. per glass) or to taste

When coming off the fast you need to have freshly squeezed orange juice for 24 hours, and then go to a veggie broth for the next day. You can find a recipe for the broth on the first ladies web site, but I'm probably just going to do the canned stuff.

Some people stay on for 10 days, I know someone who went on it for 41 days. Do you know Jill Heninger? Your hubby probably does, anyways, it was her Mom that did it.

From the blogs I've read on this it looks like 11 pounds is what you'll lose in 10 days. That's the average anyways.

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