Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Wood Family Fun!

The library wasn't the only thing we did in Cottonwood, although it was a blast. We also had a little talent show one night, where Morgan showed off her sweet ballet skills, Victoria showed us some gymnastics, McKay showed us some hip-hop dance, Benson played the guitar, Liam showed us his abnormal finger talent, Ezra sang a couple cute songs, Mo showed off his bunny rabbit ears (his pants), and Kym and I (Kym and Kym!) started it all off with the classic, "I'm a little tea pot!" It was so much fun. Kelly showed up the day before we left on her way up to Utah, and that girl is the LIFE of the party! She brought a pinata and we set it up in the front yard and had a blast. She bought it for Ezra's birthday, and it was so awesome, because it was Diego, and Ezra loves Diego! In fact, Ezra loves Diego so much that he refused to hit Diego with the stick! But he did eat the candy after! That night Kelly was telling us about her new makeup kit, and Kym and I decided to try out some of Kelly's makeup while her and Bill were busy finding out how to get to Kelly's new house. Kym learned that she loves eye shadow, and I learned that if I highlight my eyebrows just right I look exactly like the Joker from Batman!
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