Sunday, March 16, 2008

Our First Airplane Ride

Well, it was just the Boys and I, flying out to Missoula Montana. Liam flew when he was a couple months old, of course he doesn't remember, so this was like his first time, and it was Ezra and Mo's first times.

We got to the airport and somehow we happend to be the un-lucky "guests" who where chosen for extra screening. They took us aside, put us in a glass room and made us wait for 45 minutes while they also screened an 82 year old lady with a walker, and a 97 year old man in a wheel chair.... what the!!!!!

They went through each peice of luggage that we carried on. Made me collapse Mo's Stroller, take off each kids shoes (in case of explosives....) and then they proceeded to frisk each and every one of us. I asked if it was really nessesary to "frisk" a 13 month old, the response "It's all cautionary miss". *Cough*

We barely had enough time to grab a bite before running onto the already bording airplane! We ran onto the plane and were just getting into our seats as some airline worker ran onto the airline and yelled "Is there a woman with two children and a lap baby on this plane!?!?!??!" He was staring right at me. I just stared at him, and when he stared back for an eternity I said "Uh.... that would be me?" He then said in a strangely elevated voice "Mamn, are you flying to Missoula Montana?" I said "Yeeeesssss....." He threw his hands up in the air and said "NO YOU'RE NOT! THIS PLANE GOES TO DES MOINES!!!!" Soooo, we unborded the plane, unfolded the stroller, re-loaded the children, made it to the other plane just in time, loaded, and flew to Missoula, with, I might add, only 8 trips to the lavatory with three children!!!

Other than the craziness before hand, the flight was good, the boys were good, and nobody got sick! Phewph!

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  1. They really did that? I am so glad I am not flying anytime soon! Atleast they were able to get you on the correct plane before it was too late.

  2. Oh man! What a nightmare! You are a brave woman to fly alone with your kids. Sounds like the airline didn't make it any easier for you!