Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Day in Las Vegas

We went in to Las Vegas the other day, and we saw this sweet car on the way in. If you click on the picture of it you can see that the licence plate says BTMBL, which for you non-Batman Freaks, is Bat Mobile. I was trying to discreetly get a picture from inside my car, it was HARD. Nice Lambo. This ones for Papa and Taylor!

We went in so that we could meet up with Bill's cousins Josh and Nicole. We got in really early for some other things and just kind of cruised the strip for a while. Because of all the cruising I don't remember where we got the picture of these two hotties with Liam and Bill, but I do remember that this picture totally cost us $5!!! (They said the money goes to help fight cancer....)

We also happened to run into Elvis at Harrah's. He was super nice, and apparently he does a show there. His outfit was AWESOME, but the bud in his hand is priceless.

Finally we met up with Josh and Nicole. We ate dinner at Harrah's and it was so yummy! Apparently it was PIE day (3.14) so they enjoyed some pie, but I just had some cheese cake (before my diet started!). I have another picture of them in a really cute pose, but I just liked this accidental picture better. They are so cute together!!!
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