Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Andy Eye Candy

We decided to go to Primm this weekend with Arlene, Neil, and Mattea, and we had promised to watch Andy while little Mickey had his surgery this week, so we brought him with us. Andy is a little bit older than Ezra, and they get along great most of the time. Liam also loves to hang out with him, and even Mo-Mo and Andy had some time together this weekend.

Andy was the LIFE of the party and we had a great time! We spent 2 days there, and one night, and they were action packed! Primm is only about 1 1/2 hours away from us, and the boys were good the whole way. We listened to the book "FableHaven" as we drove and most of the kids dozed off for at least a little while each.
When we got to our hotel, Buffalo Bill's, they let us check in early and we rampaged up the stairs (okay, we took the elevator...) to our rooms. And what good is a hotel room bed that hasn't been pre-softened by little boy feet? No good, so we put the boys to work.

After our beds were nice and soft we headed down to an early buffet and some shopping in the outlet mall at the Primm Valley Resort. We took the tram over and the boys thought it was the "Desperato" until the very end when Liam was like "THIS is too slow to be a roller coaster!" Our shopping experience consisted of KB Toys where the boys played and played until shopping was over.

We then headed back over to the movie theater for a little "Horton Hear's a Who". It was the cutest movie and the boys loved it. We ordered some popcorn and gave each boy a huge cup full each. Everyone had popcorn leftover at the end.

Despite the endless amounts of popcorn at the movie theater everyone was starving after Horton heard that Who, so we headed over to every kids favorite restaurant... McDonalds.

After a lovely dinner, with some ice-cream to top it off we let the kids run around the mini-arcade. Liam demonstrated how to play "Primal Rage" which was this crazy games were apes and dinosaurs attacked eachother, and then Andy took over and played until I'm sure everything was a blur of purple and blue. The boys took a quick ride on the covered wagon, and then chased some indians on this cool horse.

Finally the kids started to look a little tired so we packed them all into the stroller and took them up to our bedroom on the 12th floor, with the awesome view of the buffalo shaped pool, and we put their pj's on. As we started piling the boys all onto one bed our boys started fighting eachother to see who would get to sleep by Andy, so we explained that Andy had two sides and that we thought he would be happy to sleep by both of them. They were so happy before they finally drifted off to sleep.
Bill and I awoke to the boys pre-treating our beds for lumps again, only we were the lumps. We were surprised to see that it was only 6:00am when the festivities were beginning, but we lugged ourselves out of bed, got dressed, packed up the hotel room, and headed off to Whiskey Peats for some breakfast buffet.

After a delicious breakfast of everything you could imagine we headed back to Buffalo Bill's for an all day pass to the rides and arcade. There were only two rides that the kids could go on, but believe me when I say that those two rides were enough, especially when teamed up with all of the fun games at the arcade. The first ride was the kiddie attraction, The Frog Hopper. It took some persuading to get Andy on there, he had to watch the other boys twice, and then only agreed to go on if Uncle Bill squished his big butt on there with him, so he did, and they went. Andy made it once, but got off right after the first ride, and didn't go on again. Apparently he's more of a gamer then a rider. We did convince him to go on the Canyon Adventure Ride (the log ride) a couple of times though, and he didn't mind it to much. For the most part of the day Bill and I just switched off who would ride and who would stay with the kids who didn't want to ride. Ezra played with Andy most of the day, and Liam got cold from the splashing water a lot of the time, so he would stay to get dry and play in the arcade. They had some pretty cool interactive games and the boys had a blast.

Ezra and Mo-Mo both conked out for a little while during all the fun, but Andy didn't stop once! He managed to fight Dinosaurs, aliens, and a couple of biker gangs as well as watch the canyon ride several times while Ezra had a snooze. Andy's favorite part of the canyon ride was the Bear the squirts water out of its mouth, and he liked to watch for his cousins from the bridge by that bear.
This is Andy busting a move on the DDRMAX game. Go Andy!!!

We weren't going to buy him one, honest, but look at that face, could you say "no"?

This is Andy and Mo-Mo waiting to see Ezra, Liam, and Uncle Bill go by on the log ride.

Andy leads us all off in a "hoorah!" for a great day!
Andy somehow managed to hold out for his nap until we left Primm at 6:30 after our rides and arcade day was finished. He was so exhausted!

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  1. Thanks for taking Andy. It looks like he had a blast and he still hasn't stopped talking about how much fun he had!