Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Death Valley: Nana

Nana and Papa don't like to travel with all their seats in the van, so they remove the two bucket seats, and call it good with the bench. They did however, bring a lawn chair just in case they had more then five passengers in there. On our way to Death Valley Nana was so happy because she got to ride with her babies. Look at them in there!

We stopped at Walmart to grab some lunch for everybody on the way. We grabbed these darling lunch boxes for the boys and Papa and a Cesar salad for Nana and I. The salad was Delicious, but Papa's sack lunch was a flop, so we decided to all share the Cesar. As we passed it around a huge wind gust hit it and it flipped upside down on the table and promptly blew away, leaving 3 pieces of lettuce and a huge mess for us to clean up. We were starved when we got home!

Did I mention it was a horribly windy day in Death Valley?

Mosiah was so funny with his walking today, he just wanted to go everywhere, so he followed Nana to the bathroom. This is them coming back from their trip!

This is Mo-Mo following Nana around the museum. He is actually eyeing a large mountain sheep, wondering if it will come and get him. Turns out the sheep was safe, but a baby about his age was waiting around the corner with cute pudgy fingers, to say hello, and that was worse then rhino relatives, sheep, and giant Eagles combined. Because of that little baby Mo finally let us pick him up! Yeah for baby girls!

P.S. Notice Nana's sweet dessert camo outfit.
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  1. looks like you guys had a great time in death valley. I wish we had your sun and heat so we could have a great time doing ANYTHING lol. Other than housework that is :) cute pics!!