Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Death Valley: The "Z_______ hike" ...I think...

Our first day trip was yesturday, and we went to Death Valley. I've lived here for almost 2 years, and for some reason I've never been there, even though we're less than 2 hours away. It is absolutely gorgeous there, and it's a great learning experience. There are so many different things to see, from castles, to ruins, to mountain hikes, to 5000+ foot valleys, to bare desert. It's amaizing, I'm so glad that we went. Beware though, if any of you come out to visit I'm definatly taking you there! You better hope you come in the spring though, because Death Valley is one of the hottest places on the planet in the summer time. They don't call it Death Valley for nothing!

Our first little trip was up to a little peak just as you come in the park. It wasn't very high and the boys did it with no problem. I'm sad Mo couldn't make it today, but at the same time it would've been near impossible to keep track of 3 crazy kiddos.

Liam took a little snooze on the way out (only after I promised to wake him up in the dessert) and he was so cute. By the way, Liam kind of sleeps with his eyes open, don't be alarmed, he was not a casualty of Death Valley.

On this far peak you can see a white thing, it is a boy. I tried to take another picture with 2 people in it but I couldn't get my camera out before the other one took off. They both had their arms up in the air in the "I made it!" stance and it was super cute.
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