Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Death Valley: Mosiah

Nana and Papa brought a little toy cell phone with them for Mo-Mo and he brought it with him on our trip. One time I looked back at him and this is what I saw. Now, that is cute, but what was even cuter was that he was actually talking into it, on and on! Isn't he darling?

When we got to the first hike Mo was so excited. We got him all ready to go and I started out carrying him. Well, he was having none of that. He kicked and cried until I would put him down and let him walk. Unfortunately, these trails have no guard rails or anything, and so scary drops, so I was a nervous wreck, because not only would he not let me hold him, but he would not let me even hold his hand! On the way back down Nana and I took turns holding onto the back of his shirt so he wouldn't fall on his head! Crazy baby!

There was this crazy skull of a Titanothere (or something like that) which was some sort of relative to a rhinoceros that Mosiah was just fascinated with. He stared and stared at it. Even after I called him and turned the corner I had to go back and peel him away from it. I don't know if he was just scared of it, or if it was just interesting to baby eyes.

Close up of discription, picture and Mo's little hand.
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