Monday, April 21, 2008

Death Valley: Liam

My Mom and Dad, lovingly known as Nana and Papa by our boys, are in Aruba right now, and stopped by for a day on their way there. We spent that day in Death Valley, and had an absolute blast. These are some of Liam's highlights.

When we first got there each boy got to pick a rock to stand on to get their picture taken. Liam was the only one who actually accomplished this task, and obviously he was excited about it!

This was the first bench on the first trail we hiked up. Nana and Papa brought binoculars and Liam and Ezra both took turns looking through them, okay, they were fighting over them, but it worked out in the end. Notice Liam is looking through the wrong end. He would rather see Mommy really, really small, then some rock in the distance really, really big.

This is at the top of our first hike. The view behind them is spectacular, and for the second time I am noticing that pictures just don't do Death Valley justice. I mean, yes, it's pretty, but it is so much more amazing when you're actually there, breathing it all in (dust and all).

All Liam talks about when he's in Death Valley is climbing "real" mountains. He just wants to run up a peak and be on top of the world. He wants to look down and see me as a little ant and feel like he's conquered something. He had that chance with Papa and Ezra, and he is still pumped. Maybe the Mountain wasn't that big, but to Liam it sure was. When they were climbing down a huge wind burst kicked up some dust and blasted them in the face. That was Liam's favorite part... I know, I know, boys will be boys.
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  1. just me looking at these pics make me cold ah...but i can't wait to come down in the summer time!!!